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Cheers to the most celebrated cocktail with National Margarita Day!

We're Texans, do we really need another reason to escape from the office and relax on the patio with a perfect margarita in hand? Of course we do!

On Thursday, February 22nd we're raising a toast to one of our favorite cocktails by offering $5 Frozen 'Ritas. That's right, you can enjoy our delicious Frozen 'Rita for only $5!

COVER 3's Frozen 'Ritas are prepared with the perfect ratio of blanco tequila, high-quality triple sec, and fresh lime juice to create the best-tasting margaritas.

Perfectly tart and never overly sweet, our margaritas are always a delicious treat and best enjoyed with friends while snacking on a Triple, Chipotle Ranch Fried Pickles or our Nachos Piled High.

Whether you join us for Lunch, Happy Hour or Dinner, National Margarita Day is certainly something to celebrate!

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