Jordan Fowlkes

Position: Director of Operations, COVER 2 and COVER 3

This good ole’ country boy comes from a strong lineage of restaurateurs. Growing up, his dad’s restaurant career took Jordan and his three younger siblings all over our great state. After graduating from Dripping Springs High School, he continued moving around, building his own career, and eventually returned to Dripping Springs to marry his high school sweetheart.

Marred by a short stint in which he worked as a welder at a sheet metal fabrication shop, his full resume includes a slew of successful restaurant experiences with progressive growth in management. Although Jordan spent some time running Z’Tejas on 6th, he didn’t actually meet Doug and Matt until Dave Ramirez initiated an introduction. Shortly thereafter, Jordan joined the COVER 3 family in 2013 to open COVER 3 San Antonio as its general manager. Fifteen months later he returned to Austin for the opening of COVER 3 Downtown to serve as its general manager while simultaneously remaining actively involved in the day-to-day operations of C3 SA. In 2016 he took on over-seeing COVER 2’s operations as well, formally earning the title of Regional Operating Partner and progressing to the company's director of operations.

Jordan puts in a ton of hours and brings an unsurpassed work ethic and commitment to guest satisfaction. He is a wealth of knowledge, possessing an uncanny level of positivity and patience for training/guiding new managers to reach their best potential and achieve greater success. He remains tirelessly dedicated to the restaurant and COVER 3 team, so much that even in his limited “off time” he’s been known to answer calls while chopping wood and burning brush on his land. Jordan’s diverse skills and get-it-done attitude allow him to be the ultimate “Mr. Fix-It” while his entrepreneurial spirit contributes to his overall success.

Although commonly referred to as a “meat and potatoes” kind of guy, his favorite menu items include the Buffalo Chicken Sliders, Green Chile Beef Enchiladas, and Beef Tenderloin Burrito. He loves a cold beer and enjoys all styles with a lack of discrimination.

At the end of the long workday, Jordan retreats to what he calls his peaceful “little slice of heaven” in Dripping Springs where “you can still see the stars, but you can’t see the neighbors”. He loves being with his family and spends any free minute outside doing what he enjoys most: camping, fishing, hunting and smoking meats. He and his wife, Kelly, have two children.