Jimmy Zumwalt

Operating Partner, COVER 3 Round Rock & COVER 2

A kid at heart, this gentleman is a fun-loving country boy. Born and raised on a ranch in Central Texas, Jimmy got his start in the restaurant industry at the young age of 16 by making salads and preparing desserts at Shoreline Grill. His charismatic and friendly personality wasn't confined to the kitchen for long...

A few short years later Jimmy was hired as a bus boy at Z'Tejas 6th Street where Matt Dodson was the floor manager and Doug Young was tending bar. Jimmy's performance and personality quickly earned him additional responsibilities and Matt eventually threw him into the bar with a quick motivational speech: "Sink or Swim". Luckily for everyone, Jimmy swam. He soon realized that his success behind the bar was related to the fact that he felt at home and was having fun.

After numerous years and gaining a wealth of experience with Z'Tejas, Jimmy eventually moved on to other opportunities. He managed a Truluck's for a few years and later moved to Houston for a job that allowed him to create signature cocktails for corporate drink menus. But once Jimmy learned Doug and Matt were opening COVER 3, he raced back to Austin for the opportunity to help them build their restaurant dream. Jimmy opened COVER 3 Anderson as the bar manager and is the master-mind behind each of the delicious signature cocktails each of the restaurants serve today. Nearly four years after the opening of COVER 3, Jimmy moved on to fulfill his new role of General Manager at Doug & Matt's next location, COVER 2.

Jimmy's dedication to guest service and the COVER 3 experience make him a natural fit for the position of Operating Partner at COVER 3's newest location in Round Rock, Texas. He truly loves the restaurant business and thrives on the idea that COVER 3 is his home and you are his guest. Jimmy commonly greets guests with a sincere "welcome home"... stop by today, sip on one his signature cocktails and get to know Jimmy!