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COVER 3 is hosting a month-long campaign in support of FIFA Women's World Cup, which kicks off Friday, June 7 through the championship match on Sunday, July 7. Pick up your World Cup Passport from Cover 2 or Cover 3 and play along for the chance to win free Wings for a Year, Cover 3 Gift Cards, Raffle Prizes and more. From outlining the perfect bracket to donating new sporting equipment for foster children and dining at Cover 3, it's easy to fill up your World Cup Passport!

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  • Our Women’s World Cup Passport is a punch card for which guests are encouraged to participate in all three facets of our World Cup program for the opportunity to win great prizes. The punch card has seven total holes to complete in order to be entered in the Women’s World Cup raffle. Participants must (1) submit a completed bracket, (2) donate new sporting equipment at any COVER 3 or COVER 2 location, and (3) dine at least four times at any Cover 3 location or Cover 2 during the period of June 7 to July 7, 2019.
  • Once the World Cup Passport is completed, participants are to turn it in to their preferred Cover 3 or Cover 2 restaurant to be entered in to the drawing for prizes. To be included in the drawing, all World Cup Passports must be submited by Monday, July 8th. We'll gather the passports from all restaurants and draw the winners on Friday, July12th.
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  • Many of us share the experience of participating in organized team sports during our childhood years. Whether it be soccer, football, baseball, softball, basketball, volleyball or lacrosse, the skills we gained on the field provided us with lifelong opportunities, building self confidence and contributing to personal growth and future success. For what seems like such a normal part of growing up, foster children unfortunately do not share these experiences because the state does not cover the expenses for any of these normalizing activities.
  • As research indicates the numerous benefits to participating in extracurricular activities such as team sports, we believe it's important to focus on bridging this gap for foster children by providing them with the opportunity to be involved in organized team sport activities - an opportunity that many of us may have taken for granted.
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