Dave Ramirez

Position: Operating Partner, COVER 3 Allandale

Joining the family in late 2011, Dave is a welcome addition to COVER 3. Aside from his knowledge, experience and hard work, Dave’s commitment to customer service and friendly personality make him the perfect fit for Operating Partner at COVER 3.

“I want to make everyone’s visit special. I just do what’s right for the guest and treat them like they’re family”, Dave says.

Growing up in Mesa, Arizona Dave got his start in the restaurant industry at the age of 15 when Sizzler hired him as a busser and quickly “promoted” him to dishwasher. His high school years were spent working his way through the kitchen of several restaurants, mastering fry, sauté and eventually grill. Following high school graduation, and at the age of eighteen, Dave signed up for four years in the Army.

After his stint in the military, Dave returned to the restaurant industry and started working as a server at Z’ Tejas. Thanks to his job performance and stellar personality, he was quickly identified by the corporate office, promoted to corporate trainer (opening seven restaurants in various states), and eventually earned his first General Manager position at the age of 26. As Dave’s goal was to return to Austin, he transferred to Z’s 6th Street location as Matt Dodson retired from his Z’ Tejas career to prepare for opening COVER 3. As Dave moved on from Z’ Tejas, it was only natural for Doug and Matt to bring him on to the COVER 3 team.

Dave’s favorite menu item is the Ribeye Steak Tacos.