COVER 3. Unique. Classic. Austin.

Owners Matt Dodson and Doug Young, native Austinites, have joined their shared passion for outstanding food, exceptional service and a pure love of sports into one amazing establishment. Cover 3 is truly an Austin original- an elegant, stylish, yet unpretentious new culinary concept that captures the excitement and entertainment of having a private box at your favorite sporting event.

Whether you’re looking for a place to watch your favorite team, eat an exceptional meal or mix with the diverse Austin crowd, Cover 3 has what you’re looking for.

Cover 3 offers up a premium bar with a spectacular selection of spirits, serving some of Austin’s coldest beer, courtesy of 12 iced Cobra taps, along with 100 wines from our distinctive wine cellar.

Doug Young

Doug Young is a local boy, born and raised in Austin, with a long career in the restaurant scene starting at age 15 as a dish washer at the Lone Star Café.

Matt Dodson

Doing it better came through trial and error. Matt and Doug knew they wanted a place where they could watch the game and eat good food but the level of sophistication happened as part of a happy accident.

Dave Ramirez

Joining the family in late 2011, Dave is a welcome addition to Cover 3. Aside from his knowledge, experience and hard work, Dave’s commitment to customer service and friendly personality make him the perfect fit for Operating Partner at Cover 3.

Jordan Fowlkes

This good ole’ country boy comes from a strong lineage of restaurateurs. Growing up, his dad’s restaurant career took Jordan and his three younger siblings all over our great state. After graduating from Dripping Springs High School, he continued moving around, building his own career, and eventually returned to Dripping Springs to marry his high school sweetheart.

Jimmy Zumwalt

A kid at heart, this gentleman is a fun-loving country boy. Born and raised on a ranch in Central Texas, Jimmy got his start in the restaurant industry at the young age of 16 by making salads and preparing desserts at Shoreline Grill. His charismatic and friendly personality wasn't confined to the kitchen for long...

Kirk Doyle

Chef Kirk was born and raised in Galveston, Texas. He grew up in the family kitchen where BBQs, southern cooking, and holidays were a big deal. With his first restaurant experiences, Kirk took a real interest in cooking and quickly found he had a natural knack for it (he likens his experiences to "Goodwill Cooking").